I wanted to test the power supply, so I just plugged in the game without worrying about the power cord.  (Replacing the power cord is on my to-do list).  Game has zero power going to the PS.  I figured the main AC fuse by the power block was blown, and opened it up and just saw a lot of corrosion, two mouse holes (literally chewed through the wood), and a mouse nest under the transformer cage.  The fuse block and fuse are so heavily corroded that it wouldn’t surprise me if power is not going through the fuse.  I need to pull the base out of the game and replace the fuse/fuse block along with the cord.  I will also inspect the wiring during this time.  I probably need to replace the base panel on the game, too.

I did hit the Thief control panel with another coat of paint.  Just need to sand it and should be ready for the overlay.


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