Had a chance to do my first look over of the pinball.  The previous owner had it broken down and ready to move out of his house when I arrived.  Therefore, I didn’t open it up and the cardboard covered up the playfield.  The previous owner did post pictures in the for sale, so I vaguely knew what I was getting into.

I started with the backbox and examined the electronics.  The power supply looks original and one connector that was hacked up.  The 6-pin jack had some corrosion of some sort on it, and think was bypassed.  I will have to look at it more closely to see what was done.  The rest of the boards looked good.  My guess is connectors need to be done at some point and there was a little battery corrosion on the battery holder, but I didn’t see anything else.  Pulled the PS board out and noticed cracked joints on all the header pins.

The playfield was in worse shape than I originally thought.  The topside looks good, but underneath was a lot of rusty coil plungers, bent contacts, and a few bad soldering joints.

The base board and the top of the backbox probably need to be replaced.  The bottom had a few holes in it and generally not too much support from it.


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