Trying to start blogging about my day-to-day adventures in arcade and pinball repair.  I am going to try and spend 30 minutes a day in my shop and record what happens during that time.  Today I setup a Black Knight project that I got yesterday.  It was listed on Market Place as a project that hasn’t even been turned on.

For sale is a 1980 Williams Black Knight pinball machine. This is a project machine for an accomplished pinball enthusiast. It appears to have been in storage for a long period of time until purchased by a beginning pinball enthusiast who started the refurbishment and installed a replacement playfield. I purchased this as a project and have since acquired several other machines and I need to thin the inventory to make some room!

It caught my eye because it was complete, boards were all there, no battery corrosion, and came with an extra playfield top and bottom.

The 30 minutes went quick as time was spent cleaning a space for BK and putting the legs and back box on.  Tomorrow I will try and give it a visual inspection.

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