The parts game in for the power supply, and installed a new 3J1 and 3J2 header pins.  I also replaced the bridge rectifier along with ZR2 that went bad from the previous test.

Plugged the PS back and took voltages from by removing all connectors except 3P1 and 3P2 (the square wafers ones on the bottom) and connected my DMM to the following pins:

Ground: many spots, but I used 3J6 pin 16.

+12 Vdc: 3J6 pin 6
+5 Vdc: 3J6 pins 7-10 (any one pin is fine)
-100Vdc: 3J5 pin 3
+100Vdc: 3J5 pin 4

Lamp voltage (16-20Vdc): 3J4 pin 5-8
Solenoid voltage (40-50Vdc): 3J3 pin 6-9

My +100/-100 reading was high, and need to look into it further.  The fuse did not blow this time.

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