Black Knight Sound Board Caps

Did a partial cap kit for the speech and sound board.  I didn’t have all of the caps on hand, but replaced the ones I had, and will get the others ones down the road.  Here is the information for a cap kit on a system 6 or system 7 speech and sound board.

Speech board:
c12 = 10uf, 50V

Sound board:
c12 = 10uf, 50V
c14 = 1000uf, 25V
c15 = 470uf, 25V
c16 = 1000uf, 25V
c25 = 100uf, 10V
c27 = 4700uf, 25V
c29 = 10uf, 50V
c30 = 10uf, 50V
c36 = 10uf, 50V

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