Had time today to finish up wiring the AC cord, fuse, and fuse block.  Put it back in the game and wanted to test voltages coming off of the power transformer.

90Vac = 2 White wires
9.3Vac = Checked both sets of gray wires: gray and gray/white along with gray/white and gray/green
13.5Vac = 2 blue wires
25.5Vac = 2 red wires
6.3Vac = 2 yellow wires

Everything tested close to the actually values and since these voltages are unregulated means anything in the ball park is fine.

I replaced the power connector pins that connects to the sound board.  These were pretty corroded and needed replaced.

Connected the power supply board and F1 blew fairly quickly.  Pulled it out and realized that I switched Q1  and Q3.  It took out ZR2.  Ordered more parts and will move to the driver and CPU board next.


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