Mounting k7000 Monitor

I wasn’t sure where to start with this project, but I know I had a k7000 monitor laying on the floor of my shop.  My thought was to get the monitor off the floor and into the arcade cabinet.  I recently tested the monitor, and was tested good.  I wanted to make sure the monitor was working before I put in into the cabinet.

The first thing I had to do was remove the the piece of wood that came with the cabinet.  It looked like the previous owner was installing a 25″ monitor.

I am fortunate enough to have another Dynamo cabinet and was able to use it has a template.  I actually had some scrap lumber just the right size to use for this project.  I cut it down a little bit on a table saw and then placed the template on it.  Once the template was clamped on, I drilled out holes and cut with a jigsaw.  Once I had a rough cut of the design, I was able to go over the template with a pattern bit in my router and got a perfect match.

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