I wanted to provide a quick guide on disassembling a pop bumper and replacing any parts that are broken.  When the pop bumper is out the of the machine make sure you inspect all parts for any cracks or damage.  I had two problems when I took my pop bumper apart.  The base was cracked along with a missing spring.  This caused the ring to stick and could have shorted out the coil.

Steps to rebuilding pop bumpers:

  1. Unscrew 2 nuts from the ring
    Underside of pop bumper
  2. Unscrew 3 nuts that hold the coil bracket
    Remove the coil bracket
  3. Desolder the two wires that are connected the the pop bumper light.
  4. Remove the 2 screws from the pop bumper cap.
  5. Remove the light bulb along with the light socket.
  6. Remove 2 screws that hold the base of the pop bumper.
  7. Remove the body, skirt, spring, and base.
  8.  Now is a great time to inspect (and clean) everything including the spoon, contacts,  and yoke.  To reassemble the pop bumper, you just need to follow the steps in reverse-order.

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