A while back I saw a Craigslist Ad for an empty cabinet.  I was interested in getting an extra cabinet for my shop, so this was a perfect find.  When I fix and repair PCBs, I wanted to have a universal cabinet where I could throw the PCB and give it a proper testing.  This also provides me a chance to play the game and enjoy the working PCB.  I have most of the parts of a cabinet laying around in my shop and would be nice to put these items to use and to clear up space.

The first thing I did with the cabinet is removed some of the woodwork that wasn’t original to the Dynamo cab.  There were two 2x4s on the bottom of the cab, an extra wooden piece were the control panel goes, along with a wooden bezel for the monitor.  Most of these were glued or nailed in.  The cabinet also had an extension cord that was hacked up to the power switch of the cab.   I also gave the cab a quick vacuum at this point.

This post contains the following information:

Mounting a k7000 Monitor into a Dynamo Arcade Cabinet (page 2)

Adding a Pull-out Shelf to a Dynamo Cabinet (page 3)

Adding a Vinyl CPO to an Arcade Control Panel with Plexiglass Overlay (page 4)

How to Wire an Arcade Using AC Voltages (page 5)

How to Wire an Arcade Using DC Voltages (page 6)

Setting Up an Easy Free Play Method (page 6)

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