Black Knight Lights/Switches

I started going through all the switches and adjusting some of the drop targets.  I noticed that a couple were not scoring and wanted to also get all the feature lights working.

The switches on the drop targets were making good contact when they dropped, but noticed that one set of wire was gone and another had fallen off.  Resolder a new piece and resolder the other connector and now drop targets are scoring.

Replaced all light bulbs with ones not working and still had some not lighting.  One had a diode broken off.  Resoldered that one and light was good.  I noticed that I had a bunch of lights still out and checked wires and diodes and were all good.  I looked at the lamp matrix and realized that they were all in row 7.  Set my DMM to continuity and checked for any breaks between the lamps and the driver board.  There wasn’t any.  I plugged in my tester on the driver board, and all lights were working on it.  Messed around with the row connector and the lights all came back on.  I adjusted it for now, but will need to replace both connector and header when I pull out the driver board next time.

I also noticed that I don’t have any GI lights.  I will have to look at the another time.


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