Holes drilled out

I ended up getting a reproduction control panel on KLOV.  I really didn’t want to go this route, but couldn’t find anything that would work.  I had a sheet of vinyl covering that’s been in my shop for years, and decided to use it on the control panel.  I lined the vinyl on the control panel and then removed half the backing.  I did the same process for the other half.  I had a few wrinkles and was able to smooth out most of them.  However, I did have a couple towards the top.  This really didn’t bother me since this cabinet is just going into my shop as a test unit.

I also had an extra piece of plexiglass and decided to add that to the control panel.  I lined up the plexiglass to the control panel and tapped the edges.  I then sandwiched the plexiglass between the control panel and a block of wood.  I took a hole saw and drilled out all of the holes for the buttons and joysticks.

Once everything was drilled out, I added the buttons and joysticks.  The color scheme is not really my choice, but it’s what I had on hand.  I was pleased out this turned out with the parts I had on hand.  I will say the vinyl was more difficult to work with than what I original thought.

Finished control panel.
Finished control panel.

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