El Dorado Tilt

Got this game awhile ago, and has been in my shop for the remaining time.  Decided to start going through it, and see if I can get it up and running.  When I originally bought the game, I turned it on and “Tilt” was lit up and nothing else.  I went ahead and bought the game.  When I got home, I vacuumed and cleaned out the machine and put it on storage for the last year.

I like to do a few checks when inspecting a game of unknown state.  I check the fuses along with the fuse holder.  I found one 2A slow-blow fuse that was blown.  I replaced it with a circuit breaker.  This fuse is connected to the 10-bank drop target reset.  I then go through ever coil and move it and see if any are stuck.  I went through the whole game and didn’t find any.  The last check I do is move all the steppers (including score reels) and see if they are moving freely.  All steppers moved freely except the ball stepper and the bonus unit.  I went ahead and took apart the ball stepper and cleaned and re-lubed the assembly along with checking and cleaning the contacts switches.

Here are some steps that I did to clean the stepper unit.

When rebuilding the unit in the head of the game, I noticed that one of the contacts on the switches had fallen off.  I replaced the blade on the switch.  I wonder if this was the main reason the game didn’t work, and the tilt light was lit?

Once everything was cleaned and put back, the game did indeed start up (and the fuse did not blow).  I was able to play a game and noticed a few more problems that need be addressed.  One of the main problems that I noticed was the 10s, 100s, and 1000s chimes were not making any noise.  However, on the bright side, every switch scored the correct amount and the drop targets reset.



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