What I thought would be a 5-minute job took more than 30 minutes to do.  I was going to simply add 2 fuses two the bridge rectifiers in Black Knight and found the spade connectors were soldered on the BRs.  I undid the two BR and remove the large cap and took to my bench.  I fought with the two connectors for about 15 minutes.  I finally got them undone, and will finish up tomorrow.

When I was waiting for my iron to heat up, I did replace the two pins on 3P2 connector.  For some reason, the two pins were really corroded.


Came back to this project today and finished it up.  I cleaned the large cap along with part of the back box.  It looks much better now.  Here are the steps for adding the fuses:

  1. Remove one of the blue and orange wire from each BR.  These are the “AC” on the bridge rectifier and not the “+” or “-“.  It doesn’t matter which one you take.
  2. Take the wire that was just removed and connect it to one side of the fuse block.  Run a a new piece of wire from the other side of the fuse to the BR (were the wire was removed from in step 1).
  3. Add 2 8A slow blow fuses, and label so the next owner knows what size fuse should go there.


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