Pinbot Visor Problem

I was having problems with the visor lowering down correctly on Pin*bot pinball machine. It was getting hung up with about an inch from the bottom. I cleaned the visor and motor assembly, visually inspected, and tried a number of adjustments. None of these things, worked and finally decided to try a new motor.

Pin*Bot Visor Problem

Note: Removing the visor is not necessary to replace the motor, but wanted to include the steps in this post in case it helps someone else take it apart. If you want to simply replace the motor, then follow steps 6-7 and 11-14.

Follow-up: Replacing the motor did NOT fix my problem. It ended up being and adjustment with the two screws on top of the visor (step 5) and with the 3 screws attached to the drop-targets (step 10). My old motor ended up being fine.

Here’s the steps to remove the visor on Pin*bot.

1. Disconnect the two connectors that run to the blue ramp. These are under the playfield.

Connector 1
Connector 2

2. Remove the three screws holding the top plastic to the visor.

3 Screws

3. Remove the 3 screws securing the blue ramp.

Ramp screws
Ramps Screws

4. Remove the blue ramp along with the connectors.

Ramp removed

5. Remove the 2 screws holding down the visor.

Visor screws

6. Remove the hair pin clips that opens and closes the visor.

Visor clips
Visor clips

7. Disconnect the connector at the motor.

Motor connector

8. Removed the 2 screws that hold the motor assembly in place. Be careful not to loose the bushing (and make sure it’s there).

Motor screws

9. Remove the connector that runs to the drop-targets.

Drop-target connectors

10. Remove 3 screws that hold the drop-targets.

Drop-target screws

11. Remove the drop-target assembly.

Drop target

12. De-soldered the wires that connected to the two switches on the motor assembly. and remove the motor assembly. This allowed me to move it to my bench and clean it up. This step probably isn’t necessary.

Visor switches

13. Remove the set screw with a hex key. This would also be a good time to inspect the switches. Make sure the metal arms have not broken off and check for continuity on the switches.

Motor set screw

14. Remove the the 2 screws holding the motor in place.

Motor screws

15. Remove and replace the motor. I had to install two pins on the new motor assembly (.093 male pins) and reused the plastic housing from the old motor.

New motor pins crimped

Follow the steps backwards for putting everything back in order.

Any questions? Feel free to post in the comments sections for help!

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