Pinball lift


I finally decided to make a lift to solve the problem of lifting a pinball machine by myself with the help of a RV jack. This and my pinball cart should really help my back. This will help when setting up a pinball machine or breaking one down. I saw the idea on Pinside a while back and never pulled the trigger on making one. It was time to finally make one!

Parts List

I made this with some lumber that I had on hand along with a few other parts. I had a panel of 1/2″ plywood along with a couple of 2x4s. A couple items I had to buy were a jack and a socket (affiliate links) for my drill. Note: This jack didn’t come with any attachment to lower or raise it. I also bought an L-bracket from Home Depot.

Quick Instructions

Cut out three squares with sides about 12 inches. I took my jigsaw and cut our the part of a circle for two of the boards. I just freehanded the circle with a piece of string. Next step was adding the three pieces of wood together with braces in between each piece. I added the L-bracket to the three pieces of wood to help line up the lift to the pinball machine. The final step was adding a couple pieces of wood to the jack. I added a backstop and a couple rails to help align the jack to the pinball.


I should have done this a long time ago. This pinball lift really make setting up and breaking down a pinball machine a lot easier. The lift can also help level machines. I am happy to take the time to make it.

I keep telling myself if this was a junior high shop project, my craftmanship would have earned a C for a grade 😂!

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