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Last November, I posted gift ideas for the arcade and pinball collector with gifts all falling in the $0 – $25 range. Today, I give you…gift ideas in the $25 – $50 range. If you have any other ideas that should be on the list, please post in the comments.

Note: I updated this post (09/25/2020), and some of the prices have increased to more than $50.  I listed the updated prices below.   

  1. Wax – Keep those pinball machines looking good and playing even smoother. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax [$37.95] or Blitz Carnauba Paste Wax [$31.95]
  2. Plastic Protector – Keep those plastics alive with Plastic Protectors. No more chipped or cracked plastics. Pinbits [Prices vary]
  3. LEDs – Make your pinball machine *pop* with LED lighting. Comet Pinball and Cointaker [Prices vary]
  4. Pinball Apps– Pinball apps are a great way to play pinball on your device. Also great for learning some of the rule set for different tables. A person can easily spend $25-$50 buying tables.
    Pinball Arcade and Zen Pinball [Prices Vary]
  5. Subscription – PinGame Journal magazine is the world’s foremost pinball publication. It covers pinball like no other magazine can. Whether you’re looking for new games or the classics, reports on industry shows or collector expos, insight on a game you want or features to help you fix the game, this magazine has all that and more! Pin Game Journal [$34.00]
  6. T-Molding – Give those arcade cabinets a quick and easy makeover. 100 feet is usually enough for 4-5 games. [Prices vary]
  7. Fume Extractor – Don’t inhale those nasty fumes while soldering. ESD safe solder fume extractor to reduce hazard by removing problematic fumes from air. TENMA 21-7960 Solder Fume Extractor [$40.55]
  8. Bench Vise – Many uses from holding items together to making ribbon cables. Yosoo Bench Vise, Durable 360° Bench Vice [$39.29]
  9. Portable Work Light – It seems the older I get, the more light I need. This model is magnetic and has a clamp. It also have an an additional power outlet. Aceland 1200 Lumen Corded LED Work Light [$34.98]
  10. Stationary Work Light – See the explanation above 🙂. Note: You will also have to buy a light stand and batteries if you don’t have either. NEEWER CN-216 216PCS LED Dimmable [$25.49]
  11. Digital Multimeter – One of the first tools a person should get. If you already have one, buy a spare and throw it in the toolbox. Klein Tools MM400 [$44.99]
  12. Hex Set with T-Handles – Tired of going through a pile of hex keys to find the right size and then realize it’s missing? Nice set with labels and stand. Bondhus 13390 Set of 10 Hex T-handles with Stand [$30.14]
  13. Portable Parts Bin – Great storage system that can hold fuses, LEDs, screws, etc. The extra compartment on top allows for tools and other items. Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box [$59.48]
  14. Step bit – Good tool that can be used to create holes in wood, metal, and plexiglass. I also hear they are useful for breaking in ball-bearings. Tacklife PDH06A Classic Titanium Step Drill Bit Set [$23.97]
  15. Clamps – Used for a variety of applications, but mostly used to, well, clamp things together 🙂. IRWINQUICK-GRIP One-Handed Mini Bar Clamp 6 Pack [$45.99]
  16. High Score Kit – What better way to show off your high scores than a high score kit for your classic arcade game. High Scores Saves [Prices vary]
  17. Arcade Themed Mugs and Pint Glasses – Fellow KLOV member (Smart Bomb) has some pretty sweet mugs and glasses. You can email him for more information: [$35 shipped]
  18. Pinball Moving Casters – Get four of these to help move pinball machines fairly easy. 6-Inch Steel Tri-Dolly [$30.56]
  19. PinCaddy – A friend gave me the PinCaddy and PinCaddy 2 for a Christmas gift, and really didn’t think much of it until I used them. Wow! Really handy and so glad that I have it! Pincaddy 1 [$44.00] or spend a few more dollars and get PinCaddy 2 [$57.00]
  20. Polishing Kit – Get those playfields looking great with a polishing kit that fits on a drill. This kit comes in 38 pieces. Benavvy 38pcs Polishing Pad Kit [$18.99]
  21. Ratcheting Wrench Set -Get those bolts out quicker and easier with a ratcheting wrench. Craftsman 8 pc Standard Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set [$50.54]
  22. Dremel Tool – Tool that has multiple uses. Can be used for either arcade and pinball repairs. (While your at it, you can get some “magic brushes” (443) for those pinball switches). Dremel 3000-1/24 1 Attachment/24 Accessories Rotary Tool [$59.87]
  23. Shop Vac – Good for vacuuming out cabinets and and getting ride of any other junk and funk. Armor All 2.5 Gallon [$54.50]
  24. Anti Fatigue Mat – If you are working upright, you might as well be comfortable. Kangaroo Original 3/4″ Standing Mat [$38.99]
  25. Extension Cord Reel – I love this item. It’s so nice to have power any place in my shop and retract the cord out of the way when I am done. Bayco SL-800 Retractable Metal Cord Reel [$45.77]
  26. The Pinball Books– Great series of books for the pinball enthusiast. A lot of great pictures and loaded with information. A must have if you own a machine.
    The Pinball Compendium, 1930s-1960s [$44.89]
    The Pinball Compendium, 1970 -1981 [$59.95]
    The Pinball Compendium: 1982 to Present [$47.47]

Do you agree with the list? What do you think should be included on the list? Feel free to comment below.

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