I am starting to realize just how quickly 30 minutes goes.  It seems like half the time is organizing and getting started to do a project, work for 10-15 minutes, and then clean up if needed.

I spent today cleaning up my workbench.  I have a few PCBs that I want to go through, but need to rearrange my setup some.  This will probably be another project down the road.  I have a Mario Bros. and two Double Dragon boards that I want to look at.

I spent the remainder of the time taking apart two buttons on the Thief control panel and started to clean those up.  I have received word that my Thief CPO is almost done and should ship this week.

I also received word that my father-in-law is almost done repairing the Thief cabinet.  It was in pretty bad shape, and he replaced a few boards along with the bottom foot of the cabinet.


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