I wanted to try these displays for some time, and bought a set for my Road Kings pinball machine. My Road Kings was missing two displays and the master drive wasn’t working correctly. It was cheaper to order these displays than to get the originals up and working.

The displays come as a kit form that needs to be assembled, and therefore can be found cheaper than other displays found online. The master board took about 30-45 minutes to assemble and each of the slave boards took about 15-30 minutes. I was able to complete the whole kit in about an hour and a half.

The kit has good directions and was easy to install. I did have some questions on the displays and was able to get a response from their website in timely manner. The kits also does not use the high voltage section of the power supply. Hence you can’t mix and match the new and the old displays.

Final Review

I really liked this kit and have been using it for the last month without any problems. The cost, the ease of assembling, and the costumer support that I received was all top notch. I will definitely use them again if I need another set of displays in the future.

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