I have a simple toolbox that I like to carry to any job. I know this list isn’t exhaustive, but has some of the basics tools for most repairs. Depending on the job, I can bring along additional tools that make it job-specific. The tools in my toolbox are usually kept there and not my “best” tool. For the most part, these are things that I have found inexpensively and not afraid to lose.

  1. Rope – Never know when this comes in handy. I have used it to help tie down arcades along with securing the head of a pinball machine.
  2. Solder/Soldering iron/Desoldering tool/Desoldering braid – If I know I am going to do board work, I will bring along a better set. However, I like having a set in the tools box for loose wires and other odds and ends.
  3. DMM – This tool is a must, and I have a basic one in my toolbox. I use continuity probably the most on this tool.
  4. Circuit Breakers – Instead of carrying a whole tool box of fuses, this work great. You can purchase a set in the store if you need any.
  5. Flashlight – Seems like everything I work on is in a dark corner. A light of some sort is always needed.
  6. Extension cord/Surge Protector – Helps with short cords along with the need to plug in multiple devices.
  7. Nut Drivers – have in a variety of sizes. I find the 1/4″ and 3/8″ are used in quite a bit.
  8. Alligator clips – Used for discharging a monitor or helping troubleshoot pinballs.
  9. Various wires – A good variety of sizes help with loose wires or adding connectors.
  10. Connectors – Just like the wiring above, an assortment of connectors is nice to have on hand.
  11. Wire Stripper/Crimper – Need a tool to strip wires and add the connectors.
  12. Mini Pliers/Clippers – A selection of tools to cut and bend wires and parts.
  13. Screwdrivers – I like the 6-in-1 screwdriver that has phillips, flathead, 1/4″, and 3/8″ nut drivers. I also have a collection of smaller screwdrivers.
  14. Files/Flex stones/sand paper/Switch adjuster – Helps with cleaning and adjusting contacts along with any other odd job.
  15. Zip Ties – I have used these for various jobs (amazing how well these can hold up) along with bundling up a wire harness.
  16. Button Wrench– Sometimes the buttons are very difficult to remove. These tool helps tremendously.
  17. Torx/Hex/Allan Set – This tool helps when encountering different fasteners that a normal screwdriver can’t remove.


  • Rachet Straps – I keep about 4 sets in my pick up at any given time. Great for securing games.
  • Dog Bone Wrench – Another tool I keep in my pickup. I use this mostly to remove the head and legs bolts from pinball machines.

What do you think of the list? Did I miss anything? Feel free to comment below.

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