Owner contacted me about getting a tune-up on a Gottlieb Target Alpha. This game was one of the cleaner machines that I have seen. Owner said he bought it in the 70’s and has had it since then. The only problem I saw initially was a broken drop target.

I started out by repairing the drop target. I wrote another article on this when I worked on a El Dorado, which has the same playfield. This took a little bit of time, but I removed all of the drop targets and cleaned them. I replaced the broken one and reassembled the unit.

There were a couple other small problems such as player 3 displays not lighting and player 4 coin light not lighting. The first problem was fixed by cleaning the players unit and the second problem was fixed by cleaning the coin unit.

Players' unit

A couple switches needed adjusted along with a couple wires that needed soldered. Overall, this was a fairly quick repair and owner took the game back on the same day.

2 thoughts on “Gottlieb Target Alpha Repair

  1. I have a target alpha that has been indoors but not played for many years. The electronics crashed after a long weekend of continuous playing. I’m now retired living in rural Maine. Would you repair this to running order?

    1. I would find someone local to repair the machine if you don’t have the skillset to do it. Target Alpha is a great game and should be working :).

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