1 drop target bank board (Green) – $13.50
1 (in series) bank board (Red)    – $13.50
3 drop target bank board – $31.50
4 drop target bank board – $41.50
5 drop target bank board – $51.50

*Magnets are included with each order.

**Backorder items are usually filled within a week.  

Discount applied on NMP boards if you order more than one along with free shipping for orders over $20!


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These are replacement sensors for Williams games that use the old horseshoe sliders. Easy to install and easy to wire by combining all sensors on one board for each bank of drop targets. This eliminates the daisy chain wiring for the series connections (all targets down). Also the board connections are marked for wiring. Just follow the switch matrix for your game. All necessary diodes are made on the boards.

These never need to be adjusted. Never need to be cleaned. Never need to be replaced. These sensors do not rely on sliders that get dirty, ware out and need to be replaced. Say goodbye to targets that don’t drop or don’t make contact when down.

Short post and video on installing NMP-1s on my Flash pinball machine.

Installation/Game Specific Wiring

NMPs List by Game Title

  • Algar:  2–NMP-3
  • Alien Poker: 1–NMP-5
  • Blackout: 2–NMP-3
  • Contact: 1–NMP-4
  • Disco Fever: 2–NMP-1 (Green) and 1–NMP-3
  • Firepower: 2–NMP-3
  • Flash: 1–NMP-3 and 1–NMP-5
  • Gorgar: 2–NMP-3
  • Hot Tip: 2–NMP-3
  • Laser Ball: 2–NMP-1, 1–NMP-3, and 1–NMP-4
  • Lucky Seven: 1–NMP-1 (Green) and 1–NMP-1 (Red)
  • Phoenix: 2–NMP-1 (Green) and 2–NMP-4
  • Pokerino: 4–NMP-1 (Green), 1–NMP-1 (Red), and 1–NMP-4
  • Scorpion: 2–NMP-3 and 1–NMP-5
  • Stellar Wars: 2–NMP-3 and 1–NMP-4
  • Time Warp: 1–NMP-3 and 1–NMP-5
  • Tri Zone: 3–NMP-1 (Green) and 1–NMP-1 (Red)


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