PIA Blade Assembled

I bought myself an early Christmas gift and purchased a NeoLoch Inquisitor IC Testing System.  I wanted something to be able to test RAM and PIAs if they are good or bad.  I have a pile of both, so this purchased seemed to make perfect sense.  I bought an earlier version of the RAM tester and liked it and wanted to upgrade to the newer version with more capabilities than the old one.

I decided to save a few dollars and ordered the kit version of these.  I enjoy putting these kits together, so doesn’t bother me to take a little bit of time to assemble it.  Each blade took about 15 minutes to put together and the main core assembly took about 45 minutes.  

I went with the super bundle without the power supply.  I have a power supply, and opted not to get an additional one.  This bundle comes with the following: Inquisitor Core Module, SRAM Blade (Static RAM blade), PIA Blade, and 4116 Blade.

This was a great investment and motivated me to test quite a few parts that I had laying around.  It also helped me organize some of the more common RAM that I had in different places.  

I would high recommend the NeoLoch Inquistor.  If you have been on the fence about getting one, I would urge you to take the plunge.  

Inquisitor Core Module

This unit took the longest to put together.  The directions were clear and pretty straight forward to assembly.  I was able to test for power and the LCD screen came right up when I put in a blade.  

SRAM Blade (Static RAM blade)

All the blades took about 15-20 minutes to assemble.  I used this blade and tested 2114s and 2101s.  I was able to find a bad 2114 on my Thief board in a matter of seconds.  

PIA Blade

I had some PIAs that I wanted to test and most were bad, which I figured.  The test is easy to run and comes up fairly quickly.  This is a part that I was never sure on and the Inquisitor can confirm if they are bad or not.  

4116 Blade

I think this blade has already paid for itself.  I found 11 bad RAM on my Thief board along with many others in my pile of parts.  

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