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I recently had a customer that wanted his Ms Pac-man arcade to play more games, and therefore, convert it to a multicade. The process to do this is pretty straight forward. I wrote a post in the past about wiring an arcade game, which might help here.

I had to order three items to make this easier.

  • Switching Power Supply – Most vendors sell power supplies. It’s just needs +5, +12 and ground. The -5 volts is not used on the 60-in-1 board. Here’s one listed on Amazon, which is an affiliate link.
  • 60-in-1 board – this too can be found online from most vendors. Here’s another affiliate link to Amazon, but any vendor will sell the same thing.
  • Ms Pac-man to Jamma adapter – I picked mine up at Arcade Shop. This adapter allows you to use the existing harness and as a bonus allows you to use the player 1 and 2 buttons as fire/jump buttons.


Installation is fairly simple. I removed the original Ms. Pac-man PCB along with the daughterboard. I put this in a box in case the owner ever wants to convert it back to an original Ms Pac-man. I inserted the adapter to the original harness and then plugged in the 60-in-1 board to the adapter.

The adapter has additional wiring harness to hook up to the power supply. The red wires go to the +5, the black to ground, and lastly the orange to +12. The power supply needs power from the game and this can connected to the game’s AC line. This can be on the power switch, interlock switch, filter, primary side of the monitor isolation transformer, or the marquee light.

I decided to go with the AC filter route, because it was the shortest distance to the power supply. I soldered in to wires and ran those into the AC connection on the switcher.


I really like this type of setup since there was “no harm to Ms Pac-man in the making this multicade” 😃. It also give the customer some flexibility to play different games besides just Ms Pac-man.

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    1. Player 1 and Player 2 buttons double up has shoot/jump buttons. I’m not sure about games with 3 buttons, but only 1943 comes to mind.

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