When I make kits for Stern Meteor 2021, I provide a personalize video showing that it is working along with instructions on the install. In these videos, it’s some what embarrassing that all of my controlled lights are not working. This is caused by the flaky light sockets. Meteor 2021 is too cool not to have all of the lights properly working, so I finally decided to fix it. I found a kit online for Stern Meteor (Pinball Replacement Parts) for upgrading the light sockets and therefore fix those pesky lights!

Stern Meteor lamp boards
Stern Meteor lamp boards (solder add to connection points)


The installation was pretty straight forward on these. Before I installed the PCBs, I added a little bit of solder to all of the connecting points on the PCBs. Secondly, I removed the old lamp socket board and placed the new one in its place. Next, I transferred each wire on at a time. The last step was to add an additional wire for the common. Finally, the same steps were used on all of the PCBs.


I am glad I bought this kit. Upgrading the Stern Meteor 2021 to fix the light sockets was the correct decision! The install was easy and makes changing to a bad bulb in the future easy. The instructions gave a pinout list for each light and came with standoffs. My lights are all working and now I am not embarrassed to send videos of my machine.

6 thoughts on “Upgrading Stern Meteor Light Sockets

  1. I see that the same company makes a set of socket holders for a stern Flight 2000…would you recommend them?
    how were the included instructions? well written, easy to understand?

    1. I bought the sockets elsewhere, but the directions were pretty straight forward. They had the wire pinout for each light, which was helpful to compare.

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