Bear Claw

I have a Bear Claw machine, which appears to be the same as a Clean Sweep crane machine.  The claw was not working and ended up being a couple of problems wrong with it.  The first thing that I noticed was the string was wound backwards and the claw wouldn’t lower.  I undid the string and wound it the correct way.  Now the claw was lowering, but the claw was not closing.

I took the claw apart and noticed that one of the wires connecting the coil was starting to come apart.  I stripped back some of the wiring and resoldered the wire to the coil.  This allowed the coil to engage but still did not close the claw.  I noticed at this point that claw was bent in a couple spots and was binding when the claw tried to close.  I bent these points back, and now the claw is working again.

Off to go catch me some more beanie babies!

I did add a free play to the machine sometime ago.  I usually don’t add these, but wanted to for this machine.  I just took the credit switch and ran it to a credit button on the outside.  Easy to switch back if I want to use credits or not.


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