I have a few DD PCBs that I have been wanting to go through.  I just won one recently on eBay and had another one from Xmas time.  The one from eBay was untested and missing the ribbon cables.

I plugged it in and got the 63701 error.  Switch out the CPU board with a known working one and the problem went away, which confirms that the problems is on the CPU board.  The TMM2015-10 at IC22 is a common fault on these boards, and usually the first thing I replace when I get a 63701 error.  I piggyedback a good RAM, and the game booted up fine.  I switched out this IC and the game is now working.

Plugged in the other board and also got a 63701 error.  Replaced IC22, and got the same problem.  I need to dig a little bit deeper when I have a chance.  I did switch half of the board and also noticed that there is some sprite problems along with the 63701 error that needs to be addressed.

The nice thing about a socket on IC22, is it allowed me to test some of the RAM chips that I pulled from a junk board.

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