Charlie's Angels


I recently got an email wondering if I would repair a Gottlieb Charlie’s Angels pinball machine. This was a perfect time to look at the game, because I recently did another System 1 game (Cleopatra). Owner bought the game 19 years ago, but the game hasn’t worked for over seven years.

Initial Inspection

The game was really clean and well taken care of. All of the fuses tested fine along with the bridge rectifiers on the bottom panel. I could tell there was some battery corrosion on the MPU, but wasn’t horrible. Next, I tested the voltages out of the transformer and those checked fine. Moving up the power supply, I was missing a couple voltages. I couldn’t really test the MPU or the driver board until I had a working power supply. Next step was to order a new power supply. I debated fixing the old, but decided against it.

MPU and Driver Board

With the new power supply installed, the game would not boot. MPU wouldn’t boot, and I mentioned this to the owner. It seemed the best route was to order a Ni-Wumpf board. This board is brand new, better built, and more reliable than the older MPU. While I waited for the new board, I started on the driver board. I checked all transistors and diodes, which tested fine, and then moved on to the recommend grounding mods.

The Ni-Wumpf board installed and everything connected, the game would now boot, but the Game Over and Tilt relay would engage on startup. At this time, I redid some of the connectors. Re-pinning A1-J5/A3-J1 connector brought the game back to life. I also replaced A2-J2/A1-J1 along with A2-J1.

Small Transformer

Two additional fuses were added to protect the small transformer. This helps protect the small transformer if a part fails. To do this just simply un-solder the wire on lug #6 and solder that wire to the fuse holder. Then run another wire from the other side of the fuse holder back to lug #6. Install a 2A fuse. The same thing is done on lug #7 along with a 3/4A fuse.


I stripped the playfield, cleaned, vacuumed, waxed, and re-rubbered the game. Did a finally test of the game and called the owner that he can enjoy the game after a seven year wait.

I have never seen a Charlie’s Angels pinball before so was excited to repair it and learn more about System 1 Gottlieb games.

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