I received an email from a costumer stating that he was getting an error on on his Big Buck World that gave a low battery error. He was able to replace the battery (CR2023) but now the game would not boot up. The owner now had a diskette 0 error upon powering the machine.

I arrived to take a look, thinking it would be fairly easy to set up the BIOS. I found the following information in the manual.

Manual setting for BIOS

I found discrepancy, however, as this BIOS settings did not match what was in the manual.

Here are the steps I used to get the game working again.

Step 1: Press F2 to enter setup
Step 2: Set “Date/Time”

Step 3: Boot Sequence–place “CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive” first and then “Hard Drive” second. I deselected “Diskette Drive”, but probably did not have to.

Step 4: Diskette drive to “Off”

Step 5: AC recovery to “On”

Step 6: Keyboard errors to “Do Not Report”

The first time I set the BIOS settings, I did not do Step 5 from the list above. The game played fine, but had problems after the game shut down. The monitor just flashed a disconnect message and the computer never turned on.

Disconnect message. Computer was not booting.

I had to take out the battery, wait a minute, and put it back in. I restarted the process and added step 5. Once this change was made, the game booted up and still worked after resetting the game. The owner was back to hunting white-tail deer.

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