Started the first part of 30-minutes by boxing another board that I had sold.  Spent the rest of the time looking at a Soul Edge PCB.  Everything worked, but there was no blue.  The blue signal was really faint on my scope and was not getting amplified.  I saw that there was a signal  going up to about 1V where in contrast the Red and Green were close to 5Vs.  I did a quick search on KLOV for color problems and one post mentioned that in the settings there are individual controls for RGB.  I need to check that first before I move on with it.


Looked at this a little bit more and tried to adjust the blue in the test screen, but it did not work.  I was able to trace the blue signal back to two transistors and found that one (TR10) was shorted from base to emitter.  I posted for a replacement transistor on KLOV and had two people mention that MMBT3904 (NPN) or MMBT3906 (PNP) might work and another possibility might be a sot-23 package transistor BC858 (PNP) or BC849 (NPN).

Tried two different types of transistors (MMBT3904 and MMBT3906) and didn’t have any luck.

I am just writing this one off and try to sell it for a little bit of money.

TR10 has been removed.

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