This kit contains the following:

  • Pre-assembled adapter with up-to-date game code installed on an Arduino Nano or Mega 2560 Pro
  • Wav Trigger flashed with newest firmware
  • Micro SD card with all sounds installed
  • 6 pin ribbon cable
  • Jumper wire

Since these are made to order, delivery could take an additional 10-14 days, but usually ship in a day or two.  

Rev-3 w/ Mega 2560

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Bally/Stern machines now have new rules for the following games: Black Jack, Flash Gordon, Galaxy, Mata Hari, Meteor, Stars, and Trident. And, the open source community is developing more. This kit includes everything needed to convert your Bally/Stern game to use the these updated rules.

Compatible with Bally AS-2518-17 and AS-2518-35, Stern MPU-100 and MPU-200, and Alltek boards. 

NOT currently compatible with Weebly’s MPUs.  


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