This kit contains the following:

  • Pre-assembled adapter with up-to-date game code installed on an Arduino Nano or Mega 2560 Pro
  • Wav Trigger flashed with newest firmware
  • Micro SD card with all sounds installed
  • 6 pin ribbon cable
  • Jumper wire

Since these are made to order, delivery could take an additional 10-14 days, but usually ship in a day or two.  

Rev-3 w/ Mega 2560

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Bally/Stern machines now have new rules for the following games: Big Game, Black Jack, Eight Ball, Flash Gordon, Galaxy, Meteor, Silverball Mania, Stars, Super Sonic and Trident. The open source community is developing more. This kit includes everything needed to convert your Bally/Stern game to use the these updated rules.

Compatible with Bally AS-2518-17 and AS-2518-35, Stern MPU-100 and MPU-200, and Alltek boards. 

NOT currently compatible with Weebly’s MPUs.  


Install & Tips

Bally OS Arduino Install Tips


**Note in the video I state that -100 boards don’t need the jumper, but this is incorrect.  It does need the jumper attached to the topside of R134.

Installation for Custom Arduino Audio Cord

Audio Cable for Arduino
Connect to the topside of R23 on the SB-300 board

Game Play

I’m looking for other videos demonstrating game play of the various titles.  If you have one for use, please contact me.

Meteor 2021 (Thanks to Dave’s Arcade for the video)


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