Switching gears a little bit today and worked on a couple PCB designs.  I have wanted to make a couple in the past, and never sent out a design for fabrication.  I had two simple circuits that I wanted to complete for my Jamma tester.  The first one was a small, portable controller.  My other one was damaged and wanted something that would quickly test controls.  The other circuit is one to help sync some of my games with my PVM monitor.

I learned quite a bit about how to make a PCB, and of course, made a few mistakes on my designs.  On the controller board, I need to shift everything to the right a little bit, my logo is covered up, and the biggest mistake…I connected ground and the button signal on the same side of the switch.  I didn’t think about the button being connected across horizontal.  I just assumed the the legs were all separate.  Easy fixes for version 1.1.  I am missing one capacitor for the sync stabilizer and will see if that works when I order one.

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