Plugged in everything and noticed that no coils were not firing.  Found the fuse that I added to the bridge rectifier had blown.  I put in a circuit breaker and then F2 blows on power up.  I removed all the connectors from the left side of the driver board and narrowed the problem down to 2J11 (solenoids 1-8).  Not sure where to go from here, so posted a question on Pinside.

Any suggestions?

Other notes about powering up the game.

  • I lost some of the sounds along with the speech. I will need to trouble shoot this some more.
  • The majority of lights are working with only a handful that were not.
  • Three out of the four flippers are working with the upper right one not firing at all.
  • The bell was constantly ringing upon powering up (after 2J11 was removed)

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