Worked on figuring out why my fuse was blowing up on the solenoid portion of the board.  Removed all connectors from the left side of the driver board and circuit breaker was good.  Slowly added each connector and found that 2J11 was tripping the circuit breaker.  With the game on, I slowly moved the connector and looked for a spark.  I saw that pin 3 (solenoid 6) was creating the spark.  Removed the ground to the coil and solenoids now worked.  I tested the the transistors (Q25 and Q24) and both tested good.  I grabbed my logic probe and looked at the output of IC2 pins 11, 12, and 13.  There was nothing there on pin 12 and 13.  I traced it back to the PIA pin 7 and nothing was there.  I replaced the PIA and everything worked.

I was able to “play” my first game of Black Knight.  There are a few more problems that need to be addressed, but it’s getting a lot closer than it was a month ago.

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