I have been on vacation a couple times in the last month and my initial two weeks stretched out to over a month.  I should be back and running now.  I was going to look at the extra Black Knight and the Tridents, but changed my mind and gave them back to the owner.  Not sure what I will work on next, but will decide shortly.

Just finishing up a few problems that were nagging during this project.  I replaced the 3J8 connector (GI) along with the header pins.  The GI was sporadically power on or off.  I noticed that if I wiggled 3J8, then it would power back on.

Player 3 & 4 commas were locked on and when the high score was showing it would go from 2,500,000 to 2,400,000.  I went ahead and replaced the  PIA (IC36) on the driver board.

The pinball jumping over the scoop in the top playfield was due to missing a metal bracket that goes on top of it (below the plastic).  I don’t have one, but will probably have one manufactured.  It’s not too difficult to make.


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