I had a customer bring in his Williams Magic City Pinball for a tune-up. He listed a few problems that he was having and wanted them resolved.

  1. Ball Count unit wouldn’t advance periodically. The game would play normal at times and other times would not move to the next ball. He could play a game that had anywhere from 5-15ish balls.
  2. The “C” light in Magic would not go out when ball rolled over the lane.
  3. One-thousand score reel was sluggish and took sometime to advance from 1000 to 2000.
  4. Replace a few bulbs with LEDs and check lights that were intermittent.
  5. Set free play scores to the correct values so they match the card in the front of the machine.

Problem 1 and 2

I started to look at the first problem and looked at the schematics that controlled the ball unit step-up.

ball unit su

Ball Unit Step Up Relay

This part of the schematic shows that the outhole relay along with the ball index relay need to be activated for the ball unit step-up to fire. I cleaned and adjusted both switches and found the problem to be that ball index relay was not engaged.

Ball Index Relay

The ball index relay needs the 100 point relay to engage before it kicks in. I went through and cleaned and adjusted all of the switches in the MAGIC rollovers at the top of the game. The ball needs to score 100 points before the ball unit will step-up. This fixed problem one along with problem two (I also cleaned and adjusted the “C” relay).

Problem 3

Moving on to the third problem, I dissembled the score reel, cleaned, re-lubed, and add a new coil sleeve. As a result, the score reel was now working.

Problem 4

Next on the list was the fourth problem. I “tightened” a few sockets, replaced one socket, and add LED bulbs to the match and ball in play displays. All lights were now working on the game.

Problem 5

The fifth problem was adjusting the free score to match the card on the front of the machine. The card on the machine showed 1500, 2000, 2700, and 3300. I adjusted the Jones plugs on the back of the machine to match these numbers.

Free play scores to match 1500, 2000, 2700, and 3300.


I thought Magic City was a great game to play. Absolutely love the pop bumper at the bottom of the playfield. I’m amazed how the ball will look like it is going to drain just to bounce back into play from the bumper. I will definitely keep an eye out for one of these machines 😊.

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